Ms Mechanical Engineering

Ms  Mechanical Engineering

Ms Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that concentrates into the design, production and usage and operation of machines, from small individual parts and devices (small sensors) to large systems (spacecraft). Mechanical engineering aims at controlling the principles of motion, energy, and force through mechanical solutions and also deals with analysing problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve a particular human/social problem, thus inventing new devices.

Mechanical engineering uses concepts of material theory and physics and combines knowledge of maths, technology, business and management. Important sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering are mechanics, mechatronics and thermodynamics.

Many universities provide Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, particularly Master of Science programmes in mechanical engineering. Students will learn how to assembly and install new and modified mechanical assemblies, components, or machine tools and how to collect and analyse engineering data. They will also develop design skills, as they have to prepare drawings, plans and designs for mechanical engineering work.

Graduates from a mechanical engineering degree can take contracting or consulting jobs on the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of equipment and machinery and choose from career options like: mechanical engineer, maintenance engineer, instrumentation engineer, contracting civil engineer, engineering/energy consultant, engineering technician, engineering draftsperson.

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