University Admissions in Sweden - Simplified.

                                                                                                      Search- Enrol - Apply for resident permit.





“Sweden Admissions delivered everything they promised. Our exchange student numbers are at an all-time high!”


  • Can select up to 12 courses
  • No courier needed
  • IELTS / GRE not mandatory
  • Follow ups from Sweden
  • Documentation & visa filing  
  • Tracking scholarships & fee    payments
  • Accommodation        arrangements
  • Simplest platform for students​ & recruiters

Unique advantages


University Admissions in Sweden Simplified.

Search -Enrol -Apply for resident permit

University Admissions in Sweden - Simplified.

Once a decision is reached you will receive the outcome of selection results & a letter of acceptance

Once you have the tuition receipt

after fee payment, you may apply for a resident permit from the Swedish Consulate.

Sweden Admissions monitors accommodation arrangements, FOREX, travel dates & orientation dates in various universities.

Sweden Admissions uses a very efficient search engine and a simple online form for up to 12 university programs & corresponding scholarships.

housing & airport pick up


resident permit